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May 22, 2022
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Bassam Frangieh - Wikipedia Go
Information about Bassam Frangieh, a scholar of contemporary Arabic literature and culture. Best known for his pedagogical innovations in the study of the Arabic language, as well as his translations of modern Arabic poets and novelists.

George Hourani - Wikipedia Go
Information about George Fadlo Hourani, a British philosopher and classicist of Lebanese descent.

Karen Boustany Website Go
Official website of Karen Boustany, Lebanese oriental poet and writer. Author of several books and plays, including several story books for children.

IMDb Profiles - Jihad Hojeily Go
Presents brief biography and film credits for the Lebanese writer Jihad Hojeily.

May Murr - Wikipedia Go
Information about May Murr Lebanese historian, writer, poet, and political activist.

Gail Chehab Website Go
Website of Gail Chehab, a Lebanese American writer and novelist. Author of the book Echo of Sand.

Al-Rabitah Al-Qalamiyah - Wikipedia Go
Information about Al-Rabitah Al-Qalamiyah that was the first Arab-American literary society. Reformed in 1920 by a group of Arab writers in New York led by famous Lebanese author Khalil Gibran.

L'Orient Litteraire Go
The literary supplement of the L'Orient Le Jour Lebanese daily newspaper in French language, published monthly. Features news and articles about latest books released and literature events in Lebanon and the Arab World, interviews with authors and more.

Milton Hatoum Website Go
A Lebanese-Brazilian award-winning writer and author of four novels. His works have been translated into 10 languages and published in 14 countries. Fellow of the VITAE Foundation, the Maison des Ecrivains Etrangers and the International Writing Program.

Rusted Radishes Go
Literary and art journal features exclusive works from a diverse collection of emerging and established writers and artists whose colorful pieces form a striking cross-genre collage of fluid symbols of the Lebanese psyche in poetry, prose, drama and art.

Milton Hatoum - Wikipedia Go
Background information about Milton Hatoum, a Lebanese Brazilian writer, translator and professor. Considered one of the most eminent contemporary writers in Brazil. Notable works include Two Brothers, Orphans of Eldorado and Tale of a Certain Orient.

Anbara Salam Khalidi - Wikipedia Go
Information about Anbara Salam Khalidi, a Lebanese feminist, translator and authoress, who significantly contributed to the emancipation of Arab women. Known for her book: Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist: The Life and Activism of Anbara Salam Khalidi.

Jabbour Douaihy - Wikipedia Go
Provides background information about Jabbour Douaihy, a Lebanese author and writer. His works include several books, such as Autumn Equinox, June Rain, Printed in Beirut and Chased Away​. In addition to short story collections and children's books.

Marie Kossaifi Literary Salon Go
Personal blog of Lebanese author and writer Marie Kossaifi. Features literature texts, poems and articles published in Lebanese and Arab newspapers and magazines (some under nickname May M Rihani).

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