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June 7, 2023
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Medrar Foundation Go
A non-governmental organization established in Lebanon by volunteers to provide food, nutritional requirements, shelter and health services for the less fortunate people. Also, provides help and support for the displaced Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Irshad and Islah Beneficent Association Go
A social association in Beirut, Lebanon. Aims to serve children and teens by providing activities for educational, religious and community development. Operatations include direct missionary, philanthropic, instructional and educational and social.

The Zovighian Partnership Go
A family-owned venture based in Lebanon, specialized in serving impact missions and portfolios in the Middle East. Consists of a team of researchers, analysts and experts to design, build and manage transformative impact missions in the Arab World.

Enfants de Lumiere Association, Lebanon Go
A Lebanese charitable association founded in 2002 by a group of young dynamic people. Aims to help needy families to overcome the burdens of poverty and to make their life livable, by providing health, education and development services and assistance.

California Lebanese Ladies Organization (CLLO) Go
A non-sectarian, non-political charity organization committed to supporting elderly people we strive to be a part of a community where all older people are treated with appreciation, love and have the opportunity to live fulfilled lives.

Grain de Ble - Grain of Wheat Foundation, Lebanon Go
A non-profit organization, working with children in Lebanon and the Middle East. Aims to instruct the children from various social, religious, and cultural backgrounds morally, spiritually and socially by introducing them to Christian faith and values.

Help for Leb Go
A Lebanese crowd-funding platform to channel financial donations from the vast Lebanese diasporas and Lebanese locals to social, environmental and humanitarian causes and NGOs in Lebanon. Created with support from USAid, PACE and Nabad Incubator.

Albert Nassar Foundation Go
A social, cultural, medical and educational association, founded by Mr Albert Nassar. Provides educational courses in computer, English language and accounting, in addition to a variety of career orientation workshops, social, cultural and art activities.

Canne & Coeur Association, Lebanon Go
A non-profit association in Jounieh, Lebanon. Founded by a group enthusiastic for social services, aiming to serve the elders through providing help within their environment, providing meals and entertaining activities, aiding in some medical conditions.

Lebanon Family Planning Association Go
Website of the Lebanon Family Planning Association for Development and Family Empowerment (LFPADFE), a non-profit NGO that works for the development of youth and women in local communities, in cooperation with public administrations and municipalities.

Spring of Life (SOL) Kids, Lebanon Go
A center for children at risk ministers under the auspices of Mutual Faith, provides social work in Naaba and Bourj Hammoud areas. Aims to provide a daycare shelter, with food, clothing and medical assistance, as well as education and homework assistance.

Druze Orphans and Charitable Organization (DOCO) Go
A non-profit charitable organization, based in New York, USA. Provides financial aid to charitable organizations that shelter and educate Druze orphans and the needy, aid handicapped children and adults, and support care facilities for the elderly.

Bethel Society, Lebanon Go
A missionary non-profit organization seeking to live in the Christian community in Lebanon. Aims to assist the elderly and the needy people by providing a location that is safe and modern, and offering social, spiritual and health care services.

Al-Ghawth - Humanitarian Relief for Development, Lebanon Go
A charitable society based in Beirut, Lebanon. Aims to promote and sustain human development of Palestinian communities in Lebanon. Provides material and financial aid to families, orphans, widows and disabled cases inhabiting the Palestinian camps.

Nashet - Activist Go
A social, cultural and development organization based in Saida. Works towards building a Palestinian community based on social, justice, democratic and equality, by empowering the Palestinian Refugee youths to achieve social and economic development.

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