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April 17, 2024
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Druze Orphans and Charitable Organization (DOCO) Go
A non-profit charitable organization, based in New York, USA. Provides financial aid to charitable organizations that shelter and educate Druze orphans and the needy, aid handicapped children and adults, and support care facilities for the elderly.

Lebanon Family Planning Association Go
Website of the Lebanon Family Planning Association for Development and Family Empowerment (LFPADFE), a non-profit NGO that works for the development of youth and women in local communities, in cooperation with public administrations and municipalities.

Spring of Life (SOL) Kids, Lebanon Go
A center for children at risk ministers under the auspices of Mutual Faith, provides social work in Naaba and Bourj Hammoud areas. Aims to provide a daycare shelter, with food, clothing and medical assistance, as well as education and homework assistance.

Bethel Society, Lebanon Go
A missionary non-profit organization seeking to live in the Christian community in Lebanon. Aims to assist the elderly and the needy people by providing a location that is safe and modern, and offering social, spiritual and health care services.

Al-Ghawth - Humanitarian Relief for Development, Lebanon Go
A charitable society based in Beirut, Lebanon. Aims to promote and sustain human development of Palestinian communities in Lebanon. Provides material and financial aid to families, orphans, widows and disabled cases inhabiting the Palestinian camps.

Al Tanmia Organization Go
A non-profit social organization in Tripoli, consists of a group of volunteers representing the various sectors of the society. Performs development and awarness activities in the fields of education, culture, health, environment, technology and more.

Nashet - Activist Go
A social, cultural and development organization based in Saida. Works towards building a Palestinian community based on social, justice, democratic and equality, by empowering the Palestinian Refugee youths to achieve social and economic development.

Gebran Tueni Foundation Go
Established by family members for socio-cultural purposes, namely to support the dreams of the youth. Strives to carry Gebran's message forward in all fields through expositions, lectures, seminars and roundtables, and to encourage talents in all areas.

Lebanon Cares Humanitarian Charity Group Go
A neutral non-political, non-religious humanitarian charity group in Lebanon, founded by Hussein Dabbous. Core objective is to relieve and improve deprived special conditions despite of their religious or political affiliation.

Charity Family Mishmish, Lebanon Go
Cultural, artistic, social and sporting assembly in Mishmish, Jbeil. Site includes news, village profile, pictures and more.

The Kindness Project in the Middle East Go
Community project dedicated to the promotion of selfless and spontaneous acts of kindness as a viable mean to foster societal and communal tolerance and understanding.

Sons of Chekka Club Go
A charitable, religious, educational, scientific, non-profit organization for the men and women of Lebanese heritage in the United States.

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