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April 17, 2024
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Lebanon Human Rights
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Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon Go
Information about the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon.

Rassemblement Canadien Pour Le Liban Go
Nonsectarian, nonprofit human rights organization, composed of Lebanese and Canadian citizens.

Institute for Human Rights Lebanon Go
Specialized body within the Beirut Bar Association that proposes to organize training sessions intended for professionals.

You Stink - Tol3et Re7tkom Go
A Lebanese grassroot movement created as a response to government's inability to solve the trash crisis in a sustainable way. Provides reports about cases where waste is being handled irresposibly by piling and burning, causing polution and health risks.

Solide - Lebanese Center for Human Rights (LCHR) Go
French-Lebanese human rights movement working towards the freedom of Lebanese in detention and exile.

Arab Organization for Human Rights Go
The organization calls for respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms of all citizens and residents of the Arab world.

Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council Go
Canadian Lebanese association, provides daily news and updates, articles and interviews.

American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) - Lebanon Go
A non-profit, American charitable organization that provides educational, health and material assistance to families in poor communities and refugee camps in Lebanon.

Lebanese Center for Active Citizenship (LCAC) Go
Non profit organization aims to improve awareness and improvement of civil rights, civil duties, civil participation, democracy and more.

Amnesty International - Lebanon Go
News, articles and reports regarding human rights and liberties in Lebanon.

Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation Go
A coalition of Canadian and Canadian-Lebanese volunteers devoted to advocate the human rights cause in Lebanon.

Lebanese Center for Human Rights (CLDH) Go
A non-profit, non-partisan Lebanese human rights organization based in Beirut. Aims to monitor the human rights situation in Lebanon, fight enforced disappearance, impunity, arbitrary detention and racism, and to rehabilitate the victims of torture.

Special Tribunal for Lebanon Official Website Go
Official website for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which aims to prosecute persons responsible for the attack of 14 February 2005 resulting in the death of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and in the death or injury of other persons.

Special Tribunal for Lebanon - Wikipedia Go
Information about the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, an international criminal tribunal for the prosecution, under Lebanese law, of criminal acts relating to the assassination of Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005.

Al-Khiam Rehabilitation Center Go
Center for the rehabilitation of the victims of torture at Al-Khiam prison.

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