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April 23, 2024
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Beirut Memorial On Line Go
Site dedicated to the US Marines, sailors and soldiers that are veterans of Lebanon.

National Geographic - The Genographic Project - The Phoenicians Go
A genetic study by a group of scientists, including the Lebanese Dr. Pierre Zalloua, aims to uncover the Phoenician legacy, their history and culture.

Phoenician Religion Go
Includes information about gods and goddesses, institutions and practices, religious symbolism and related subject matter.

Memory at Work, Lebanon Go
A guide for Lebanese on peace and war

Carthaginian Law of Sacrifices, c. 400 BCE Go
Excerpts from a Carthaginian text, noting its similarity to Hebrew law. Provided by the Ancient History Sourcebook.

The Punic Wars Go
An extensive overview of Carthage and the three Punic Wars, from the History of Western Civilization course by Dr. E.L. Knox of Boise State University.

Les Pheniciens Website Go
Website dedicated to Phoenicians civilization. Information, history, languages, money, religions, gods, arts, alphabet, discoveries and more.

Greater Lebanon - Wikipedia Go
Information about the State of Greater Lebanon, territory that was created by France and is the precursor of modern Lebanon. Existed between September 1920 till May 1926.

The Phoenician Experience Go
Summarizes research into the Phoenicians, their cedar ships and sea trade in the ancient Mediterranean, and their cities of Carthage, Byblos, Tyre and others in Phoenicia.

The Genographic Project - Wikipedia Go
Launched in 2005, by National Geographic and IBM, aims to map historical human migration patterns by collecting and analyzing DNA samples from people around the world. Team includes the Lebanese geneologist Dr. Pierre Zalloua.

Atlas Group Archives, Lebanon Go
A project established by Walid Raad to research and document the contemporary history of Lebanon.

KET Distance Learning - Punic Wars Go
A retelling of the struggle between Rome and Carthage, from KET Distance Learning.

Who were the Phoenicians? Go
Summary of The National Geographic study, a genetic research done by the Lebanese Dr. Pierre Zalloua in order to explore the truth about the origin of the Phoenicians.

On the Constitution of Carthage Go
Text excerpted from a 1900 translation Aristotle's Politics of 340 BC provided by the Ancient History Sourcebook.

Christianity in Lebanon - Wikipedia Go
Information about Christianity in Lebanon, who came to the territory of Lebanon with the early Christians in the 1st century AD.

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