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May 24, 2020
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Labib Medical Center (LMC), Lebanon Go
Medical center in Saida, Lebanon offering health care services.

Balsam Center, Lebanon Go
A Lebanese center for palliative care that aims to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life of people with life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses.

Mental Wellness Center, Lebanon Go
Provides individual and group therapy in Beirut, Lebanon, for Arabic, French and English speaking adults and adolescents in the area of anxiety, stress, depression and adjustment disorders.

MIND Clinics, Lebanon Go
Medical institute for neuropsychological disorders based in Beirut, Lebanon. Known for the multi-specialist approach delivered by experts in the field of psychiatry, psychology, social work and nursing.

Nawfal Clinics, Lebanon Go
A private practice in Lebanon, specialized in mental health. Specialties include clinical psychology, adult and child psychotherapy, couples and family therapy, neuropsychology, speech & language and psychomotor therapy, ABA therapy for autism spectrum.

Day and Night Clinic, Lebanon Go
Pulmonary and sleep medicine clinic based in Lebanon. Specialized in diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and sleep disorders.

ActiveHealth Clinic Lebanon Go
A multidisciplinary pain management clinic in Beirut. Areas of expertise include, pain medicine, rheumatology, neurology, family medicine, psychiatry, osteopathy, psychotherapy, podiatry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, acupuncture, nutrition and more.

CRYO Lebanon Go
A wellness center in Lebanon that provides CRYOtherapy treatment, a form of cold therapy used to alleviate pain and inflammation, and tostimulate multiple health, fitness, weight-loss, healing and beauty benefits without use of medications or needles.

Marsa Health Center, Lebanon Go
A sexual health center based in Beirut, Lebanon. Provides confidential and anonymous services related to sexual health. Services include medical testing and consultation, social and psychological consultations as well as awareness campaigns.

Multi Disciplinary Center (MDC), Lebanon Go
Offers speech and language therapy, special education, psychomotor and counseling services in French, English and Arabic. Welcomes children with special needs, learning disabilities, speech, communication, psychomotor, psychological, behavioral disorders.

Family Clinic, Lebanon Go
A poly-clinic center in Saida, Lebanon. Services provided include general and family medicine, gynecology, pediatric, orthopedic, general surgery, physical therapy, dental care, dermatology, skin care, dietitian, radiology and medical laboratory services.

German Lebanese Medical Center (GLMC) Go
A medical center created by German and Lebanese partners, established in 2006, based in Jdeideh, El Metn, Lebanon. Specializing in obsterics, gynecology, fertility services and reproductive systems, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other treatments.

Obesity and Weight Control Center (COCP), Lebanon Go
An obesity and weight control center in Lebanon. Provides a range of services to overweight and obese patients, including obesity surgery, diet programs, medical treatments and psychological support, in addition to a wellness and fitness center.

Beirut Ear Clinic Go
A Lebanese company specialized in the prevention and treatment of ear diseases, hearing loss and dizziness. Provides hearing tests, hearing aids and custom protection devices, such as medical earplugs, noise reduction earplugs, in-ear-monitors and more.

Abou Assi Medical Center, Lebanon Go
A medical center located in Aley, Lebanon. Founded in 1990 by Dr Adel Abou Assi. The center comprises a team of doctors and specialists in various fields, offering a range of medical and healthcare services as well as surgery and treatment programs.

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