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July 25, 2024
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Advanced Search Help

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You can increase the accuracy of your search queries by adding operators that fine-tune your keywords. Most of the options listed on this page can be entered directly into LebWeb.com search box (above) or selected from the Advanced Search page.

Phrase Searches

Search for complete phrases by connecting the phrase terms with dashes. (i.e. dashes replace spaces between the words). Words connected with dashes will appear together in all results exactly as you have entered them. Phrase searches are especially useful when searching for famous sayings or proper names.

For example, to find web pages that include the exact phrase "lebanon clubs", type:

"OR" Searches

LebWeb.com supports the logical "OR" operator. To retrieve pages that include either WordA or WordB, connect the two words with two dashes --

For example, to search for "lebanon clubs OR forums", just type:

Exclusion of Words (" - " Searches)

Sometimes what you're searching for has more than one meaning. For example, "play" can refer to game or theater. You can exclude a word from your search by putting a minus sign ("-") immediately in front of the term you want to avoid. (Be sure to include a space before the minus sign.)

For example, to find web pages about "play" that do not contain the word "theater", type:

Stemming (Word Variations)

To provide more results, LebWeb.com uses "stemming" searches. This means that searching for "club" will yield pages that include the exact word "club" and pages that include words such as "clubs", "myclub" and "clubing".

By entering a more accurate keyword and disabling this "Stemming" option, you usually get less, but more accurate, search results.

For example, if you want to look for a specific club called "lebanon club", it is better to turn the "Stemming" option off. Do this by entering the keywords "lebanon club" followed by "stem:n" (the word "stem" AND a colon AND the letter "n"):


The language search feature lets you restrict your searches to pages in the language that you choose. Because these language-restricted searches only look at pages from a small portion of the directory, LebWeb.com recommends the "Search web pages written in any language" option.

Specifying a search language can be quite useful, however, when you want to search for content that is specific to a particular language or region.


Specify where your search terms occur in the page:

  • Anywhere in the page.
  • In the text of the page. ("text")
  • In the title of the page. ("title")
  • In the URL of the page. ("url")

For example, if you want to look for the terms "lebanon clubs" only in the titles of the web pages, enter the keywords "lebanon clubs" followed by "onlyin:title" (the word "onlyin" AND a colon AND the word "title"):

Domain Restrict

If you know the website you want to search but aren't sure where the information located within that site, you can use LebWeb.com to search in pages in that domain. Do this by entering what you're looking for followed by the word "site" AND a colon AND the domain name.

For example, to find "lebanon" groups on Yahoo (i.e. on yahoo.com & www.yahoo.com & groups.yahoo.com & chat.yahoo.com etc.), just type:

You can also be more specific in selecting the domain. Instead of the domain yahoo.com which is general and covers all Yahoo parts (subsites), you can enter the exact Yahoo Groups subdomain which is groups.yahoo.com:

You can also exclude the domain name from your search results, by putting a minus sign ("-") immediately in front of the word "site", to become "-site" AND a colon AND the domain name:


Many LebWeb.com users prefer not to have offensive and adult sites included in their search results. The SafeContent feature screens for sites that contain this type of information and eliminates them from the search results. While no filter is 100% accurate, LebWeb.com filter uses advanced proprietary technology that checks keywords, phrases and URLs.

When SafeContent is turned on, sites and web pages containing pornography, explicit sexual content and offensive content are blocked from search results. LebWeb.com strives to keep the filtering information as current as possible through continual crawling of the Web and by incorporating updates from user suggestions. If you find sites that contain adult or offensive content in your results, even with SafeContent activated, please send an email with the site URL to info@emox.com and we will investigate it.

For example, if you want to look for the term "clubs" while turning SafeContent ON, enter the keyword "clubs" followed by "safe:on" (the word "safe" AND a colon AND the word "on"):

Number of Results Per Page

The default setting of displaying 10 search results per page provides the fastest results. However, you can increase the number or results displayed per page to 25 or 50.

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